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Court Closures and Delays

Please see below for a complete list of Court Closures/Delays. For the latest Accurate updates, please, Click Here.

Domestic Closures/ Delays
Colusa, CAPublic Access Terminals have no ID information of charge levels, so further research with a clerk is required on all hits. Expect delays.
Contra Costa, CAThere are no PATs available, all clerk-assisted.  Researchers can submit a maximum of 5 requests at a time. TAT can usually be within 24 hours, unless cases are older than 2015.  
Glenn, CAClerk assistance at this court is limited. Clerks will only verify case information on 2 records per day. Please expect delays.
Imperial, CAThis court is now entirely clerk-assisted. Additionally, all requests go through a single clerk in their office. As a result, TAT is tentatively 10 to 20 days, however this can be subject to extra delay for a variety of reasons. 
Los Angeles, CAEffective February 23rd at close of business, Los Angeles County will no longer include the month and year of birth on the predominately used index with the courts. We will provide additional updates regarding these expected impacts as soon as they become clear. 
Marin, CADue to DOB redactions and short staffing, there is a limit on the number of file requests per appointment.  Please expect significant delays.
Merced, CAClerk assistance is utilized but is limited to 6 names per visit to the clerk’s computer.  Due to this restriction, please expect delays.
Nevada, CAThis court does require clerk assistance for any possible records. Clerks are returning work in the order received. Please expect delays.
Sacramento, CASentencing, disposition and DOB are redacted from PATs, so any request for this information must be obtained via a physical file pull.  As a result, the court is overwhelmed with requests for files, and short staffing continues to be an issue.  Currently, all files dated 2019 and older are considered warehouse files, so expect TAT to be a minimum of 30 days or more.   Cases that are 2020 and newer are housed onsite.  Please expect potentially significant delays. 
San Bernadino, CACourts have officially removed the DOB from the PATs and researchers are limited to 5 file pulls per clerk visit.  Please expect extended delays.
San Joaquin, CADue to some implemented changes made to the San Joaquin search site on their website, date of birth or driver’s license information are now redacted and search capability is now confined. As a result, the search site is temporarily not accessible.  Please expect delays effective immediately,
San Bernardino, Kings, and Monterey, CAThe DOB has been redacted from the subjects of criminal records from its public access and replaced it with year of birth only. Further, court staff are not assisting with providing full dates of birth. While we continue to closely monitor the situation, please expect delays.
Fresno, Ventura, Kern, Santa Cruz, Yuba, Sonoma, CAPlease note clerk assistance is required to verify PII. Please expect delays. We will continue to monitor the situation closely. 
Santa Clara, CAThe court has implemented a 5-file pull limit per day, thus creating an extensive backlog. DOBs have been removed from PAT’s, requiring all records to be file pulls. Please expect extensive delays, as the court is short-staffed and only open 5 hours Monday-Thursday and 4 hours on Friday.
Solano, CAThe researcher is only allowed to inquire on 5 searches per day per the clerk. Please expect delays.
Stanislaus, CALimited PAT access: DOBs are clerk-assisted and limited to 5 searches per time (Clerks taking 8-12 weeks) 
Sutter, CAPublic Access terminals can only be accessed by appointment. Additionally, if files have not been scanned, files must be ordered through the court clerk. Expect delays.
Bibb, GAWe are dependent on the clerks for file pulls and ID verification, which could lead to a longer delay in TAT. Please expect possible delays.
Chatham, GAResearchers use docketbooks/files for ID’s which is a time consuming process. Research team is in courts every day, ResearchGA in court system is slow at times. Researchers use this system to verify information – often have to wait and refresh cases as well as with clerks sometimes. Please expect possible delays. 
Clayton, GACounty is clerk-assisted, and vendor is seeing delays due to multiple file pulls for hits with missing information on the PAT.  Court mentioned there is only one PAT at both courts. Please expect delays as the vendor is at the mercy of the courts due to clerk assistance.
Columbia, GAWe are dependent on the clerks for file pulls and ID verification, which could lead to a longer delay in TAT. Please expect delays.
Hawaii/Maui, HIThe vendor currently has no researcher in this area. Vendor Management is monitoring this issue and researching work-arounds.  Please expect delays.
Honolulu, HIPer Vendor/Courts, each file pull needs to be requested at both circuit/district court. Researcher first makes the appointment to obtain a file pull at the court and then makes a request to send payment for verification which can take about 10 Business days or more before courts send back results. The process can be cumbersome with clerk delays and lengthy wait times, as some files may be stored offsite at a warehouse. Please expect delays as Honolulu’s lengthy process can take some time due to clerk assistance.
IL – All CountiesDue to delays with the State Police, IL Statewide searches are severely delayed. Typical TAT for these searches is 90 days, if not longer. Additionally, the agency from which we get these results has a policy of not providing status updates or rushes for any searches, so any request for these are not possible to complete.
Pike, KYPer the vendor, Pike, KY courts will be closed from April 17th-19th due to a festival. Please expect delays.
Berrien, MIBerrien, MI Courts will be unavailable to conduct record searches due to the courts upgrading to a new computer system, which is expected to take about 2-3 weeks to transfer all information and ensure that the information is protected and complete.  Please expect extensive delays during this transition and while we get updates as they come from the vendor. 
Kent, MIThe District Court is experiencing intermittent outages with their computer system.  Please continue to expect delays as they work to fully restore their system.
MI – All countiesMI is in the process of implementing their new Clean Slate Law, which will affect criminal searches. These changes can increase the turnaround time as the court clerks update their systems to reflect new changes. Please expect delays.
Holmes, MSThe Justice Court has stopped processing searches.  There is not currently another way to run searches in the Justice Court, now that they’ve been placed on hold.  There is a possibility that PATs could be installed, but there is no ETA for this to be completed.  We will continue to monitor the status with the vendor and provide updates as they become available.  Please expect delays. 
NH – All countiesDue to short staffing and a high volume of search requests at the courts, processing of searches is approximately two weeks behind.  Please expect delays.
NY StatewideDue to a staffing shortage, there is a delay in processing requests in a timely manner.  As a result, please expect delays.
Clark, NVVendor is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with the Justice Court’s primary index. Please expect delays, while the vendor works through the backlog.
Hale, TXPer Internal the online website for Hale, TX is down and all work is being rerouted to the vendor, however please also note that the courts PAT’s are down as well. the IT Team is working for a fix on this and no ETA is given on when these will be fixed. Please expect delays while the vendor is requiring clerk assistance for this county. 
International Closures/ Delays
AfghanistanUpdate: We are currently unable to process Criminal Nationwide and Verifications services for Afghanistan. For now, we are still able to process credit, ID, MVR, and media checks, but this could change as well.

Due to current political turmoil in Afghanistan, we expect to see TAT deteriorating for all services and possible suspension of services. We will be closely monitoring this situation and relay any updates.
OntarioPlease be advised that there will be potential delays in services completed through the Ontario Provincial court system. We have been informed that the courts are experiencing high daily search requests and are currently behind on fulfilling requests.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as they are available.
Sri LankaDue to political instability in Sri Lanka, we expect to see delays in following services:

• Education Verification
• Employment Verification
• Designated Reference
• Professional License

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as they are available.
Quebec MVRWe are seeing delays for SAAQ in returning results for Quebec MVRs due to delays at the source because of increased peak volumes. Working with SAAQ to get and idea of timelines to know realistic ETAs.