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Non – COVID Related Closures/Delays

Please see below for a complete list of Non COVID Related Closures/Delays.

Domestic Closures/ Delays
Riverside, Fresno, Ventura, Kern, Santa Cruz, Yuba, Sacramento, and Sonoma CA
Please note clerks assistance is required to verify PII. Pleas expect delays. We will continue to monitor the situation closely.
Santa Clara, CAPlease note that majority of records need to be pulled by clerks due to missing information. Additionally, clerks have implemented a 5 file pull limit per researcher per day. Please expect extensive delays.
Baldwin, GAPlease note that the online access is down for these counties. While the in court PATs are still accessible, there will be an increase in TAT due to increased traffic at the courthouse.
All ME countiesPlease note that Maine is a fully clerk assisted state. The Violation Bureau is unable to escalate requests as they work each request in order. Additionally, they are very short staffed, which has led to an increase in delayed searches. Please expect delays.
Merced, CAThe online site for Merced is currently down. However, we are able to complete searches in person in the courthouse. Due to the increased traffic with the courthouse, please expect increased turnaround times.
El Dorado, CAThe PAT in El Dorado is down. Searches are still able to be conducted. However, now 100% of searches must go through the clerks. There is no ETA at this time, please expect delays.
Lassen, CAPlease note that the public system is not working and all requests must go through the clerks. During this time, the TAT estimate is ~30 days. Please expect delays.
Forsyth, GAPlease note that the online source for Forsyth has been permanently removed and all research must be conducted by in court researchers. As a result, please expect delays.
Washoe, NVPlease note that the case management system for the Reno Justice court is currently under maintenance. In person research is currently being conducted with clerk assistance in Reno Justice. Please expect delays.
Sacramento, CAPlease note that clerk assistance is required to verify PII. There is a 10 file pull limit per day and an appointment is required to drop off the cases to the clerks. Clerks have advised the TAT for cases to be returned is a minimum of 4 weeks.
Cass and Wexford, MIWhile we are able to obtain DOBs and process searches, there is currently a backlog of searches from the last 9 months that the court is catching up on. ETA for these courts to be caught up to present day is ~1 month. Please expect delays on new searches while the courts work requests oldest to newest.
Kent and Oakland, MIWhile we are able to obtain DOBs, the Circuit court is requiring that a file pull is requested for all potential records in order to verify the DOB even for registered researchers. While SCAO is addressing this with the courts, this process will result in delays.
Madera, CAPlease note that due to the clerks being short staffed and behind on requests, the clerks are quoting an 8 week TAT. Please expect delays in this county.
Monroe, GAPlease note that the court is installing a new public access terminal and searches are unable to be conducted. There is no ETA for completion at this time. Please expect delays.
All CountiesMost schools, government agencies, and many employers will be closed on Monday, June 20th, 2022 in observance of Juneteenth. Accurate will remain open; however, some reports may experience delays as a result.
International Closures/ Delays
AfghanistanUpdate: We are currently unable to process Criminal Nationwide and Verifications services for Afghanistan. For now, we are still able to process credit, ID, MVR, and media checks, but this could change as well.

Due to current political turmoil in Afghanistan, we expect to see TAT deteriorating for all services and possible suspension of services. We will be closely monitoring this situation and relay any updates.
OntarioPlease be advised that there will be potential delays in services completed through the Ontario Provincial court system. We have been informed that the courts are experiencing high daily search requests and are currently behind on fulfilling requests.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as they are available.
Sri LankaDue to political instability in Sri Lanka, we expect to see delays in following services:

• Education Verification
• Employment Verification
• Designated Reference
• Professional License

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as they are available.