A Message to the Accurate Background Community

Dear Accurate Background community,

At Accurate, we recognize the important role our workforce screening solution plays in providing essential pre- and post-employment services to our clients and their candidates. For some time now, Accurate has been monitoring the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and preparing contingency plans as we navigate this rapidly evolving situation together. While there are still no known cases of COVID-19 in any of our locations, I want to share with you the extra precautions we’re taking at Accurate to serve you.

We’ve spent the last several weeks preparing for how the virus may impact the communities that we serve. We’ve established a task force and are following the guidance of the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities to ensure we’re taking all necessary measures. We will continue to keep you at the center of our planning and decision making.

Supporting our employees

We continue to share information with our employees on the best ways to keep themselves and their families safe and healthy. To help mitigate the spread of the virus, we’re implementing, via a phased approach, a “work from home” model for most of our employees through March 31stThis plan will have little to no interruption to our capacity. During this time, Accurate will continue to maintain high standards of quality and security by enabling a secure remote desktop solution which enforces end-to-end encryption and security that matches our corporate group policy. Taking these measures will ensure the safety of our employees and also make the workplace safer for those employees that need to be onsite.

We’ve also put in place new temporary attendance and time-off guidelines that will give our employees greater flexibility and pay for time they may need to stay home and get well. 

In addition, we’ve also updated our global travel guidance. We’re asking our employees to cancel all non-essential business travel and discouraging personal travel to international locations.

Finally, we continue to ask our employees to follow precautionary measure such as;

  • Regular and consistent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • Cover a cough or sneeze with tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
  • Stay home if you are sick, except to seek medical care

Keeping our locations clean and safe

We’ve always been proud of the cleanliness of our locations, and we know that keeping them clean and sanitized is even more important now.

In addition to our daily cleaning efforts, we’re increasing the time spent cleaning and sanitizing our locations, especially frequently touched areas including stair railings, doorknobs, phones, and countertops in common areas. We have also purchased additional antibacterial wipes and sanitizer.

Addressing our supply chain

We have teams working closely with our suppliers and vendors to ensure that the products and services you want are available when you need them.  The Accurate Incident Management Team is continuously monitoring the situation and speaking to our critical suppliers about their ability to deliver reliable data and services. We will consider setting up alternate suppliers when necessary. 

As a final note, moments like these often involve a degree of fear and uncertainty, which makes it critical that we hold true to our core values. First, sympathy for the victims of the virus, and for those affected by ancillary actions such as the travel ban. We have a duty to be aware and support those who are affected by this event, no matter how large or small those disruptions. Second, we must take care of our employees and ensure that they are protected from the impacts of COVID-19 to the maximum extent possible. Lastly, we must not forget our commitment to our customers. In delivering the background checks companies want to have, and in providing a stronger, surer path to the jobs candidates deserve, we will continue to pursue a vision of a world in which every candidate finds the right fit, while simultaneously mitigating risk, driving operational resiliency and caring for employees.


Dave Dickerson

Founder and CEO, Accurate Background